Prenatal Program

Designed to meet your individual needs. Participants will learn about your baby’s growth in all three trimesters, how your body changes, how to deal with psychological changes and importance of your baby’s brain development.

Other Topics include:

 How Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs can affect your unborn baby.
 How to prepare for the birth.
 Newborn care.
 The basics of breastfeeding.
 How to prevent and avoid shaken baby syndrome.
 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
 Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.

Elaine Bear Child, Ext 2433
  Parent Involvement 0-3


Blackfeet Developmental Assessment Clinic

Dedicated to prevention and intervention on behalf of the unborn child and those children that live with FAS/FAE.

As part of a four State Consortium, we will be coordinating a series of developmental clinics to begin after the first of the new year.

Children who are age 0-14 years of age and meet the referral criteria may be referred to the Developmental Assessment clinic. All children must have a birthday from 1/1/88 through 12/31/02.

Children may have ONE of the following:

Previously diagnosed with FAS or FAE.
Sibling(s) previously diagnosed with FAS or FAE.
High score on Medical checklist.

Any two or more of the following:

Prenatal alcohol exposure.
Growth problems (below the 10th percentile for ht., wt., and/or head circumference).
Developmental delay/behavioral problems.

Blackfeet Early Childhood Center in Browning, Montana