Contagious Diseases: Children who have a contagious diseases must be kept out of school until the contagious period is over. The program should be notified if a communicable disease is suspected.

First Aid: First Aid is provided, if needed to children who are injured at school. If a child becomes ill at school, the parents are contacted immediately. The Early Childhood Center provides transportation home. In the event of an emergency the parents is notified and the child is taken to I.H.S for emergency care.

Medication: Only medication that is ordered by the Physician or Dentist will be given at school. Medication request forms are available at the Early Childhood Center and must be filled out by the parent.

Parental Responsibility Agreement:
Blackfeet Early Childhood Center needs all Health Screening/Exams to be completed for your child to meet our programs Federal Performance Standards. If this is not done, our program would be put out of compliance. Parents are responsible for treatment on ALL Health needs identified during screening/exams. This is important for your child’s health, now and in the future. We ask that you bring documentation of screenings, exams, and immunizations when needed. If your child needs treatment or follow up care it is your responsibility to schedule the appointments needed.

Health Managers:

Carol Bird, Health Assistant 0-3
Aubrey Ground, Health Assistant 3-5
Physical Exam: All children entering the Early Childhood Center are required to have a physical exam. Any follow-up care needed is the parent’s responsibility. A current Indian Health Service (IHS) health consent form must be signed by the parent yearly.

Immunizations: All students entering are required to have up to date immunizations (diptheria, tetanus and pertusses (DPT) at least four doses; Polio at least three doses given after the first birthday. Hepatitis A & B, three doses, birth to 6 mo. Varicella, one dose). It is the responsibility of the parent to provide the school with this documentation.

Screenings: All children are weighed and measured 3 times a year. Children have a vision screening through Indian Health Service (IHS) Optometrist. If the child should miss the screening, the Pre-School Vision Screening Tool is used at the Early Childhood Center. If a child fails this screening the parent(s) are notified to take their child to Indian Health Service (IHS) for further testing. Glasses can be purchased through Indian Health Service (IHS). Hearing screening is conducted by the Indian Health Service (IHS) Audiologist. Children who need to have medical testing are referred to the ENT Clinic at Indian Health Service (IHS).

Dental: The Indian Health Service (IHS), Dental Clinic provides screening/exam’s for oral health problems (B.B.T.D., caries, mouth deformation, etc.) annually. Dental exams determine treatment needed by Early Childhood Center children. A parent/guardian is required to be at all dental appointments. Indian Health Service (IHS) Dental Professionals provide education to staff, parents, and students through dentist/dental hygienist/dental assistant on: Oral Hygiene-brushing, rubber tipping., Effects/hazards of tobacco abuse, Healthy snacks and food choices, Blackfeet Dental Curriculum, and Bright Smiles, Bright Futures.

Mental Health: Children receive needed mental health services to improve their health and well being. When needed, consultation of training from Indian Health Service (IHS) will be provided. A mental health social worker is available to Early Childhood Center for consultation and to work with individual children. Indian Health Service (IHS) and Public School Special Services will provide teachers with suggestions for improving social, emotional, and cognitive growth for individual children showing potential delays in growth. Teachers and families are provided with information on normal mental health development and specific stimulation for children with mental problems. All classroom staff are familiar with the Mental Health Curriculums. The curriculums allow additional support to children and their families.

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