The Blackfeet Early Childhood Center Development Service Area is designed to meet each child’s individual needs. The program is based on the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework that works with eight domains.

The program helps children gain the skills and confidence necessary to enter Kindergarten fully prepared for the challenges before them.

Education Contacts

Minnetta Armsrong, BECC Director

Zita Otterbach, Supervisor 3-5

Ernestine DeRoche, Supervisor 0-3

Theresa Calf Boss Ribs, Manager 0-3

Audrey Sure Chief, Bilingual Supervisor

Susan Heavy Runner, Bilingual Manager


Developing Bilingual practices, recognizing that children have individual rates of development as well as individual backgrounds and learning style.

Provide a balanced daily program of child initiated and adult directed activities, including individual and small group activities.

Involving parents in the development of the Blackfeet Early Childhood Center’s curriculum and approach to child development and education.

Provide parents opportunities to increase their child’s observation skills and share assessments with staff that help plan the learning experience.

Support social and emotional development through planning routines and transitions.

Provide for the development of each child’s cognitive language skills by supporting each child’s learning, using various strategies including experimentation inquiry, observation, play and exploration.

Ensure opportunities for creativity, self expression through activities such as art, music, movement, and dialogue.

Eight Domains
of the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework

Language Development




Creative Arts

Social & Emotional Devlpmt.

Approaches to Learning

Physical Health & Devlpmt.

Blackfeet Language

The Early Childhood Center is committed to develop social, physical, mental, and intellectual development through Blackfeet Bilingual
Education concepts.

We are mending the Broken Circle of the Blackfeet Language. If our children can once again speak and understand their own tongue, the beliefs and values our elders taught us will, once again, be transmitted to the young; and our language, beliefs and values will survive.

Children and their parents must first see that the Blackfeet Language has a place in the Early Childhood Center and it must be followed through to the Public Schools. In doing this, the language will gain renewed respect, and families will be proud to speak their language.

Our Native tongue is the quality, which identifies us, as being of the Blackfeet Nation or of Native people of all tongues.

A Pledge of Commitment for Children

I pledge to…
    See, hear, and communicate positively with children.
    Be a positive role model for children.
    Support stable family life for children.
    Help build safe and caring communities for all children.
    Speak out for children and advocate effective groups that help them.
    Ensure all children fair opportunity.
    Make at least one child’s life better by something I do.
    Pray for and see good in all children and youth.
Blackfeet Early Childhood Center in Browning, Montana