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Service delivery is coordinated with the local public schools, Indian Health Service, Blackfeet Department of Family Services, Quality Life Concepts/Part C Providers, and other programs through Interagency Agreements.

The Disabilities Service Area of the Blackfeet Early Childhood Center is designed to identify and provide services to all children with or without a disability in the developmental areas of cognitive, language, fine, gross motor, and self-help skills. The complete screening process is explained to parents and support and approval is sought during registration.

3-5 Disabilities Program

The Blackfeet Early Childhood Center provides Early Childhood Screenings in collaboration with the local public school districts and Part C Providers. "Child Find" is scheduled two times per year, in the Spring and in the Fall to identify and refer children from birth to age five who may require special educational services.

Special Education Team Members:

Ellen Sue Diamant, PD/BA (Speech Pathologist)
Lori Calf Boss Ribs, AAS (Speech Aide)
Julie Sherburne, BA (Preschool Teacher)
Jessica Enselet, AA (Preschool Aide)
0-3 Disabilities Program

The Early Childhood Center provides services for enrolled families with infants and toddlers who have a diagnosed physical condition/disability or who have developmental delays. The child is promptly referred to the regional Early Intervention Agency designated by the State Part C Plan to coordinate any needed evaluations to determine eligibility and participate in the development of an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).

The 0-3 Disability Program participates in and supports efforts for smooth and effective transition for children who will need to be considered for services for preschool age children with disabilities.

    To assure that children with Disabilities are located and enrolled at Head Start.
    To assure that all enrolled children are screened to determine whether or not they have a disability and/or development delay.
    To assure that children with a disability receive the services they require in a mainstream setting.
    To assure that the children with a disability receive the full range of child developed services as well as any required special services.
    To assure that children with a disability condition receive the services they require in a mainstreaming setting to the maximum extent.
    Adhere to the Individual with Disabilities Education Act.

Blackfeet Early Childhood Center in Browning, Montana