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Child Care Development Fund

Services, Guidelines, and Documentation

    All foster care, special needs, FAIM recipients, teen parents and safe homes are priorities on the CCDF Program.
    Parental Choice of Provider who may be a family member, licensed home or day care center.
    Non-Member working parents will be referred for Montana State Child Care Funds through the Great Falls Community Help Line.
    Maximum child care rates payable are current Montana State daily & hourly rates. If providers charge more, the applicant must pay the difference.
    Provider registration through the CCDF program is necessary and includes signed statements of NO Drug/Alcohol use in home, health & safety checklist, Mandatory TB test, First Aid and CPR and a current physical. Provider training and orientation.
    The CCDF office is a Resource and Referral Office to all parents and will assist parents with finding child care, child care payment program or will be an advocate for State Child Care Programs.

    All providers will have a Criminal Background check completed, if any criminal activity comes back on the provider, the provider is not eligible for the CCDF program.
    All Co-Payments must be paid by the fifth (5th) day of each month to their provider or the CCDF will drop the applicant from the program and will not pay the child care payment for that month.
    All applicants who do not use child care for a period of two (2) weeks without notification to the program will be dropped from the CCDF program.
    All applicants must update their income & status every three (3) months or you will be automatically dropped from the program.
    All applicants must pay their set co-payment amounts every month regardless of how many hours/days child care is used. If co-payment is not paid the CCDF program will not pay child care payments.
    All home provider’s & licensed centers are subject to review of records to be in compliance with CCDF.
    All applicants must affirm that all information is true and complete to the best of their knowledge.

Documentation Needed to Sign up for CCDF
    Child(ren)’s immunization record(s).
    Income statement (pay stub, FAIM documentation monthly benefits.
    Proof of Family Size: Social Security cards for each family member or Birth Certificate.
    Documentation of work hours or school schedule.
    Documentation of Special needs from Indian Health Service (IHS) or family physician.
    Documentation of Foster Care Placement.

Child Care Choices
    Family Home Provider
    In-Home Provider
    Group Home Provider
    Child Care Center
Contact: Doris Running Crane-CCDF Manager

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